An official PS4 "Community"

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An official PS4 "Community"

Postby Rothnihalias » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:37 am

There's a feature on the PS4 that I figure you all should have a heads up about. It's something called a Community and it now shows up on the main PS4 menu as well as alongside other game info on the main menu. I was intending on making one when Chasm first releases but I think it would be better in the long run if someone from Discord Games makes an official one. Communities are basically an integrated Facebook wall (without the Facebook part) where people can type stuff, post pictures, and reply to other users on a shared wall. People can also use it to create public parties of 2-8 people where they can talk with each other. Owners and Moderators can also post a 200 character message of the day that stays until updated.

I went through the process to tell you what you will need when you make it. I simply copied down the options I was given as I made one and then went through it looking for options.

    You need a (unique?) name. This can be changed later.
    Who can join: [Anyone or By Request Only]
    What game it is related to: [any games owned or None]
    a Community Image (optional) Basically a square icon.
    a Background (optional) This can be a 16:9 aspect ratio resolution rectangle of up to at least 1920×1080.
    Primary Time Zone (optional)
    Primary Language (optional)
    and a 256 character description (optional)

Here are the Owner settings:
Community Management > Block List > (List of players blocked from the Community)
Community Management > Delete Community
Name and Permissions > Your Community's Name
Name and Permissions > Who can join your community?
Game Association > [Choose a game for your Community to focus on.]
Community Image and Background > Community Image
Community Image and Background > Background
Description and Preferences > Primary Time Zone (optional)
Description and Preferences > Primary Language (optional)
Description and Preferences > Community Description (optional) [256 character limit]
Message of The Day > [Your message can be up to 200 characters long.]

Both Owners and Members have this setting:
Notifications > New posts on the Community wall
Notifications > Replies to your posts

And only non-owners have this one:
Leave Community > [Yes/No]

Learn More: Communities

Communities have three levels of membership: Owner, Moderators, and Members.

When you create a Community, you automatically become its Owner and have full control over its design, permissions, game associations, wall posts, and membership.

Everyone who joins the Community is a Member. The Owner can promote Members to Moderator status to help organize and maintain the Community. Moderators have most of the same permissions Owners do, but cannot change the Community's name, privacy settings, or game associations.

This is pretty much everything aside from its basic features. I don't know how much you all would have known about it so I just went ahead and explained it all right here.
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Re: An official PS4 "Community"

Postby James » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:17 pm

Nice, thanks a bunch for the legwork! Is this something you have to do from the console itself?
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Re: An official PS4 "Community"

Postby Rothnihalias » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:16 pm

James wrote:Nice, thanks a bunch for the legwork! Is this something you have to do from the console itself?

I believe so, yes. It can only be done through a PS4.
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