Update Details

Thank you @PatrickLeBoo!

So without further ado, here’s what to expect in the next update:

  • Improved packet rates and prediction for smoother online experience with higher accuracy.
  • Fixed spawning bugs at match start.
  • Fixed random Code 4 on match load.
  • Fixed rare Code 4 on splash screens.
  • Fixed online & offline stats getting mixed up.
  • Fixed diagonal Left Stick movement speed bug.
  • Fixed sniper scope aiming & scoreboard exploit.
  • Fixed grenades hitting teammates in air.
  • Added team randomization and auto-balancing.
  • Added spawn invincibility to prevent camping.
  • Added D-Pad control for player & spawn menu.
  • Added game version to quick-match filtering.
  • Added match time sync at one minute remaining.
  • Added Message Box to display errors.
  • Shortened wait time in Lobby.
  • Updated View Controls screen.
  • Updated box art and icon.

We will finally be able to submit the update on Sunday, so we’ll be aiming to do the final testing session within the next 48 hours. Expect to see it on the market around Wednesday!

UPDATE: The update has passed review! It should be available late tonight, sometime after 11pm EST.

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A Wild Intern Appears!

So we have an announcement today: Resident composer, philosopher and long-time Discord collaborator and friend James (“Jimi”) Stevulak will be officially interning at Discord Games!

He doesn't always look this serious. Or hipster. Wait, nevermind.
In addition to his current duty of writing awesome music for Take Arms, Jimi will now be taking over the role of Community Manager. As such, he will be managing the social networks, coordinating community events, gathering feedback, putting together promotions, and hopefully getting me some damn coffee. This should take a load off our plate, and give us more time to focus on the game itself.

In other news, we’re wrapping up the first patch now, so expect details on that within the next couple days.

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Tuesday News & Reviews

Just a quick update today..

First, we’re aware of all the major issues plaguing the game now, and are working hard on the first update. Unfortunately, we’re heavily restricted by Microsoft’s system on how often we can release updates. All together, it takes between 9-12 days to get an update out due to a 7 day freeze after the previous review ends, and then at least 48 hours minimum in review. We’d like to get some of this stuff out immediately, but it’s just not possible with how the system works. Please bear with us, we promise it will be a much better experience next week!

Secondly, a few reviews are starting to come in, and they all seem to be pretty positive at this point. Here’s the current ones out:

If you see any more reviews around the net please post them in the comments, and I’ll update the post!

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The First 24 Hours

First off.. Woooh! We can’t believe we finally got Take Arms out the door, and to such a warm reception! Thanks again to everyone out there for your patience and support during the past week’s ordeal. A huge thanks goes to the Uprising and XNA devs that helped with playtesting. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys. Also, a big shout-out to our friends on the forums for breaking the ice!

So how’s it going? We aren’t sure sales-wise just yet. We’ll know some preliminary numbers tomorrow hopefully. I’m sure it’s going to be a slow start, as we weren’t expecting anything phenomenal for the re-launch weekend. We didn’t get picked up by very many news outlets, so we’re really just counting on word of mouth at this point. Big thanks to DIYGamer for running the re-launch story, and anyone telling their friends to pick it up!

There have been a few reported issues that you should be aware of. We are already hard at work on fixes for everything reported, so expect the first update to be out by September 15th. It will address most of the bugs found so far, and various gameplay issues. Here’s the major issues we’re aware of:

  • Character Selection Screen Never Appears – This is caused by the client machine loading before the host, and missing the spawn packet. Please quit the match and rejoin if this occurs.
  • Spawned, but can’t kill Anyone – Same bug as above. Please quit the match and rejoin if this occurs.
  • Stuck at Loading Screen – This happens if you join the session in a brief period right after the host starts loading the match. Unfortunately, it seems the only way out of this at the moment is to quit to the Dashboard.
  • Floaty Players and Assorted Weirdness – This is some flaws in our current smoothing code. Expect this behavior to be corrected and look much more natural.

We also have a number of gameplay enhancements in the works I will post about a little later on. If you find any unreported bugs please help us out and report them on our bug forum here. We’re mainly focused on getting these bugs squashed and smoothing out the multiplayer right now, but we’ll have an announcement coming soon about the first content update!

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Take Arms Re-Launches 9/2/11!

It’s back! We’re expecting release around 8PM EST today. We’re at the mercy of Microsoft’s system since it was approved in less than 48 hrs. We’ll be making our change-lists public from now on, so here’s what’s new in version

  • Fixed packet reader bug that caused slow-down and crashes.
  • Fixed reliable packet bug that caused XP glitches and weird behavior.
  • Fixed Loading screen freeze when joining matches in progress.
  • Fixed View Gamer Card exception.
  • Fixed Lobby disposal bug.
  • Fixed minor glitches in Trainyard and Bridge.
  • Added “Any” option to Play Online that joins first game found.
  • Added Auto-Reload when firing and clip empty.
  • Added loooong gamertag support in Lobby and message ticker.
  • Updated icon, description, and trailer.

UPDATE 9/2 11:20PM EST: The game has completed review, but has not changed to Approved status. We have no clue what’s going on with Microsoft’s system.. hopefully it will be out soon!

UPDATE 9/3 9:56 AM: We’re live! You can purchase it now on the Marketplace.

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