The Road to GDC – Update #1

A work-in-progress shot of the town in Chasm.

Time sure does fly! It’s been just over two months since my revelation in late October, and we’re less than 3 months away from GDC Play 2013. A lot has happened since that last post, so here’s a quick recap.

From the technical standpoint, things have gone great. Most of the major systems like the collisions, world & dungeon formats, inventory & equipping, particles, and more were all working by the end of November. I’ve spent a lot of time in December rewriting prototype code, and slowly getting things up to Production level. My next goals are NPC interactions, a conversation system, and objectives.

The game design has been coming together rather naturally, and has been really fun to work with. Unlike the mining game, it doesn’t feel like I’m fighting it every step of the way. I was absolutely miserable working on that game, so it’s awesome just to be having fun again. Just like Take Arms, a very simple concept is slowly beginning to take a life of it’s own. That sense of discovery may just be my favorite part of making games!

From the art & sound side, things are just starting to pick up steam. Tony has been working furiously the past couple weeks on both the main character design and the surface. Once those are wrapped up, we’ll be moving onto the Mines. Jimi has been working on the music themes for the different areas, so things are slowly starting come together there as well. He’ll be visiting in a couple weeks for some serious crunch work, so I’m looking forward to that.

Lastly, things have been going pretty well from the business side. We’ve been preparing for taxes, booking flights and hotels for GDC, and getting the needed materials produced. We’ve already designed and printed the business cards and t-shirts, so it was good to get all that stuff out of the way early. We still need to design 4×6 flyers and the kiosk decoration, but that stuff probably won’t happen until early February due to needed the art assets.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Overall, I think we’re looking really good for where we are. I wasn’t sure when I made that last post in October whether this was going to be a good decision or not, but now I can say without a doubt: YES! I was hoping to have a bit more time to post tutorials and such more often, but unfortunately it’s so hectic that I barely have time. Hopefully after GDC is over I can focus on that stuff a bit more. Until next time!

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Chasm Development Video #2

I know it’s been a while, but I finally got around to uploading a new video! You’ll see the work-in-progress surface in this one, as well as a new enemy and some other cool little things. Probably the biggest difference you won’t see though is all the rewritten prototype code!

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Linux MonoGame Progress

48 Chambers running on Linux!

On my ever continuing quest of getting our games on more platforms, I’ve gotten 48 Chambers running on Linux! This experiment is primarily for Chasm, but I thought it might be cool to get 48 Chambers officially out on Linux and Mac sometime soon.

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Company Logo Update

The Discord Games logo has received its first update since it was created over 2 years ago! We were attempting to simplify it down to a 4-color graphic for t-shirt screen printing, and ended up with something I think is even better than the original. Above is the new logo on both white and navy.

Also, Chasm has been coming along very well. With only 4 months left til GDC, things are starting to get a little crazy! I’ve been working hard recently on the stat system, inventory, item drops, and more while refining the story and the first area. I’ll record a new video coming up soon!

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