Final Alpha Update Released

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the final Alpha update from the community over the past couple weeks, and we’re very happy to report that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive! It’s a huge relief to know that we’ve finally gotten the game to a place where everyone feels that it’s not only fun and exciting, but also very close to what we originally promised. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and help during this long and difficult process.

We’ve released a few patches in the past couple weeks with various bugs fixes and improvements, and just yesterday we just pushed out 0.53. We’ve fixed every reported bug and things are very stable now, so we’ve decided to call it the final Alpha patch. It’s hard for us to walk away from the Alpha, but we know it’s time for us to move on and finish up the rest of the game. Here are the past few change-logs since the 0.5 release:

0.53 Change-list (Final)

  • Fixed possible crash when backing up from 3rd option on Crone or Blacksmith shop menu and pressing Confirm
  • Fixed Critical Hits not working for Cut damage weapons
  • Fixed foreground decorations covering button label in Catacomb lock room
  • Fixed Candles appearing in front of Shrines
  • Fixed game showing as Normal if you start Hardcore game and quit before first Campfire
  • Changed music to fade low on pause
  • Added deer back in (!)
  • Tweaked Wraith sound effects and positioning
  • Tweaked Keep prison and Catacomb tutorial sections

0.52 Change-list

  • Fixed crash when creating a new save where outdated save file is
  • Fixed not being able to sell a non-equipped item if you have the same kind equipped
  • Fixed Skeleton’s boomerang disappearing after returning sometimes
  • Fixed Maggot flash if you hit him when you first enter
  • Changed Boss doors to not open until you pick up their crystal
  • Changed magic weapons to not die when hitting lanterns

0.51 Change-list

  • Fixed bug where endcap rooms were treated as branches in dungeons
  • Fixed bug in dungeon generator that would sometimes leave unblocked doorways to nothing
  • Fixed crash when backing out of Potion menus and then selecting one
  • Fixed Elemental FX on knife and two-hand
  • Swapped green and purple gold bag colors
  • Limited Altars to items from their respective area
  • Removed tier 3 items from Scavenger
  • Reduced mana potion price to 50 gold
  • Fixed Boomerang being included in random treasure chests
  • Fixed Wraith materializing with hands in ceiling and set minimum distance when teleporting


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PC Gamer Feature

Chasm was picked as one of PC Gamer’s four under-the-radar games to watch for in 2015! They requested some new 1080P footage for the piece, so we recorded a couple minutes of gameplay from the latest Alpha for them. It’s a big honor to be featured by a publication we’ve been reading since we were kids!

Next Steps

As of last week, the entire team has transitioned back into new content creation. We’ve got a couple tilesets to finish up, a few more songs to record, a couple more bosses to design, and a whole bunch more enemies, platforming challenges, and puzzles to program and animate. We’ll be working as hard as we can to finish up the core content this spring to put us in position for the final lap this summer. We’re super excited for everyone to see beyond the Catacombs, so stay tuned for the next production update in March!