Dan Adelman Joins the Chasm Team!

There are few things scarier to a game developer than the thought of releasing a game that slips under the radar. More and more amazing indie games are coming out every year, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. As we’ve gotten farther in the development process of Chasm, we’ve had to start thinking more seriously about things like marketing, PR, business development, and merchandising. We know that properly handling these aspects is just as important as making a good game, and for this reason we have decided to partner up with Dan Adelman.

As the former head of Nintendo of America’s digital distribution business, Dan helped bring hundreds of titles to Nintendo platforms. Earlier this year he decided to strike out on his own, and began looking for upcoming indie games that could use his expertise. The amazing Metroidvania Axiom Verge was announced as his first project this past fall, and we’re excited to announce that Chasm will be his second. Dan will be helping primarily with business and marketing, allowing us to focus on delivering a quality title to the broadest audience possible. Please join us in welcoming Dan to the team!