The 9th Weekly Drop

We’re now officially in the second half of the Kickstarter campaign, and we’ve reached 80% funding. The new demo has been released and you may find it on the Kickstarter page. To celebrate the success of the first half of our campaign the team will be streaming tonight on our Twitch channel, and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have about Chasm. We’ve also announced a set of stretch goals, in case we go over our goal for funding, among the extras is New Game+ and Arena mode.


Check out our brand new Kickstarter trailer!

Fan Zone

Have you made something Chasm related? Want to show us your Frozen-Gel Throw Pillow? Maybe you made the innkeeper out of clay? Send it in to me at and I’ll be sure to feature it here! We love to see fan projects that you guys make so be sure to show us.

As always remember to vote on Greenlight and tell your friends to as well, we can only get on Steam with your help! Be sure to read the Kickstarter updates [1] [2] [4] [5] [6] [7]